Western Isles Geocaching http://westernislescaching.co.uk A geocaching website hosted by Cankita Mon, 22 Jun 2015 16:02:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.8.13 Emerging From Winter http://westernislescaching.co.uk/emerging-from-winter/ http://westernislescaching.co.uk/emerging-from-winter/#comments Sun, 15 Mar 2015 19:16:23 +0000 http://westernislescaching.co.uk/?p=575 Nothing much happens geocaching wise in The Western Isles over the winter but this has been the most miserable, wettest, windiest and downright horrible winter since I came here in 2010. In fact local neighbours say it has been the worst winter for at least ten years or more. There was no point in updating the site over the winter months since so little was happening but now we are emerging from winter I though it was time for an update.

Much of the statistical information comes from Project-GC but when I tried to sign in today it looks like they have been having major problems with Geocaching.com and I am unable to sign in. That means that certain parts of this site – like Most Finds and Most Hides are almost impossible to update, however the total number of caches and the cache owners on each of the islands has been updated. One point of interest is that we are now only 2 caches short of the magic 100 on Lewis. I will have to do something about that!

It hasn’t been all quiet over the winter. There have been 5 new caches on Lewis including 3 in the Lews Castle grounds which make a nice easy outing for most people. The big news though is a series of 7 caches placed in North Harris by The Pudding man. This is a superb and quite challenging series although they all stand as individual caches and don’t have to be done in any kind of sequence. I got into all sorts of trouble onĀ  the last one of these (Cravadale) – check the logs!

The Scotland The Quest cache brought over a team of four cachers just before Christmas who found many more while they were here including a rare visit to The End of The Road is Nigh. I still can’t bring myself to tackle the 8 mile walk on that one!

So things should start picking up now although probably not until the end of April and, judging by last year, most happenings will be towards the end of summer. Let’s hope the visitors keep coming and new caches keep being placed.

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A busy autumn http://westernislescaching.co.uk/a-busy-autumn/ http://westernislescaching.co.uk/a-busy-autumn/#comments Sun, 26 Oct 2014 13:07:14 +0000 http://westernislescaching.co.uk/?p=557 As the summer started it looked as if there would not be as many caching visitors to the Western Isles as in previous years but folk seem to have left their holidays late this year with most visitors arriving in September and October but now the winds and bad weather are here things will likely quieten down.

Over the summer there have been 6 new caches on Lewis, including 2 earthcaches placed by four cachers who have not been here before which brings the total on Lewis to 92 ‘actual’ caches at this time. Still a way to go to the magic 100 but if the wind and rain dies down I’ll try to get out and sort this.

Down on Harris there have been 3 new caches including 1 earthcache again from folk who have not been here before. Many of the caches on Harris are quite difficult so a few more down there that are a bit more accessible would not go amiss. Judging by the logs many more people visit Harris than Lewis so there is a lot of potential there.

I have just come back from a couple of weeks in New England and had my first experience of American caches. Caching was not the primary reason for the holiday but we fitted in as many caches we could find without straying too far from our route. Caches in the USA seem quite different to those I have experienced over here (especially in the Western Isles) and range from the most mundane (stuck on the end of crash barriers) to some rather fiendishly clever ones that take quite a bit of finding. My finds over there have certainly given me some new ideas for caches here so look forward to some more difficult caches on Lewis over the coming months! Trouble is they seem to like trees quite a lot over there and there are not a lot of them here in the Western Isles!

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Two Down, Two up! http://westernislescaching.co.uk/two-down-two-up/ http://westernislescaching.co.uk/two-down-two-up/#comments Tue, 10 Jun 2014 17:50:23 +0000 http://westernislescaching.co.uk/?p=517 A couple of established caches on Lewis have recently been archived – Beaver’s First Cache and May Day Cache. These were put out a couple of years ago by the local Scout group but both have had a few problems along the way and are now no more.

So the target of the magic 100 on Lewis recedes or does it? Fear not, I have just placed another couple of caches on Point at fabulous locations for those who like to get out of their cars and stretch their legs a bit. Neither are too taxing but the scenery at both is grand. Look out for Secret Places: The Amphitheatre and Almost An Island two lovely caches in places you didn’t even know existed!

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100 and counting! http://westernislescaching.co.uk/100-and-counting/ http://westernislescaching.co.uk/100-and-counting/#comments Mon, 31 Mar 2014 16:35:51 +0000 http://westernislescaching.co.uk/?p=489 With the publication of the Point Villages series the target of 100 caches in Lewis and Harris has been reached!

Next target is 100 caches in Lewis – get out there and place some caches!

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First Bonus Cache in the Western Isles http://westernislescaching.co.uk/first-bonus-cache-in-the-western-isles/ http://westernislescaching.co.uk/first-bonus-cache-in-the-western-isles/#comments Mon, 31 Mar 2014 16:35:22 +0000 http://westernislescaching.co.uk/?p=486 Cankita has just developed a series of 14 micro caches around the villages in Point which lead to the first bonus cache in the Western Isles.

Each of the caches is placed close to the village in the title and each can be logged independently if you do not want to find the bonus. If you do wish to try for the bonus you need simply make a note of the clue in each cache which can be done over several visits or, if you feel so inclined, in one round trip. The clues are very easy and details can be found on the bonus cache page.

The caches are as follows

Point Villages – Aignish

Point Villages – Aird

Point Villages – Broker

Point Villages – Eagleton

Point Villages – Flesherin

Point Villages – Garrabost

Point Villages – Knock

Point Villages – Lower Bayble

Point Villages – Portnaguran

Point Villages – Portvoller

Point Villages – Sheshader

Point Villages – Shulishader

Point Villages – Swordale

Point Villages – Upper Bayble

Point Villages – The Bonus

There is no particular order in which these need be done (and no need even to do them all). Plan your own route and enjoy!


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A Few Goals http://westernislescaching.co.uk/goals/ http://westernislescaching.co.uk/goals/#comments Thu, 20 Mar 2014 15:58:32 +0000 http://cankita.co.uk/geocaching/?p=183 This website is all about trying to improve the geocaching experience in The Western Isles and one of the ways to do that is to make sure that there any plenty of caches for visitors and locals to find so with that in mind how about setting a few targets?

100 caches on Lewis and Harris

Well that should be an easy one especially as I have a series in mind around Point that will easily take us over that target. Target achieved on 31st March 2014.

100 caches on Lewis

A little more work to do on this one as even when the Point series is completed there will still be a dozen or so needed so get out there!

50 caches on Harris

There’s currently only 21 caches in North and South Harris but there is huge potential for many more. Getting up to 25 should not be too difficult but can we get to 50? Who knows.

25 caches on The Uists

That means doubling the current number but it should be achievable if someone down there wants to make the effort. I haven’t even found any caches in The Uists yet!

10 caches on Barra

Now that might be a tall order since the last one placed on Barra was in 2008 and the other three date from 2005!


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Comments, Suggestions, Features http://westernislescaching.co.uk/welcome-to-western-isles-caching/ http://westernislescaching.co.uk/welcome-to-western-isles-caching/#comments Thu, 20 Mar 2014 15:56:22 +0000 http://cankita.co.uk/geocaching/?p=181 If you have any comments to make about the website, suggestions for improvement or requests for particular features feel free to put them to us here. You can also put comments on particular caches on the appropriate cache owner pages.

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