Least Found Caches

To decide upon the least found caches we can’t simply list those that have been found only once, or not at all, as there will always be new caches that will remain unfound for a while so we have to work out a formula for the least often found caches.

That means we have to take the number of days that a cache has been active divided by the number of finds. The results are, in fact, hardly surprising!

In clear first place is The China Connection (1)? which has been found only once since it was placed in November 2012. Not all all surprising as it really is in the middle of nowhere!

In second place is Skye View which was placed in August 2014 and has only had one find so far.

In third place is Under The Temple which has now been found 7 times since it was placed in May 2011 but then you need a boat to get to it!

Fourth place goes to The China Connection (8)? another one in the wilds of Harris that has only been found 5 times since November 2012.

Finally in fifth place is Secret Beach which has now been found 4 times since it was placed in March 2013. Perhaps a little more surprising since it is only 1km from the road but then there is no path and it is difficult to figure out exactly where to walk from.




This page will be updated every couple of months – last updated 18th March 2015


One Response to “Least Found Caches”

  1. Paul says:

    My cache Under the Temple is one of the least found. Little Bernera is a fantastic visit if you can find a boat ride! I will give the cache a refresh in April just as soon as my boat goes into the water this season.
    This site is great and I was delighted to hear of it. I hope to be a regular contributor, and will go look for other least found caches. It’s great to receive an email whenever somebody does visit a cache of mine.

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