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The Difficulty rating according to Geocaching guidelines should reflect the actual difficulty of finding the cache once you are at, or close to, the location but many cache owners confuse this with the terrain rating. There is some correlation in that a cache that involves using a boat could be said to have both a high difficulty and a high terrain rating but often caches are given a high difficulty when they are in fact quite easy to find.

If the difficulty ratings are put in order of hardest first then the end of the road is nigh comes top with a rating of 5 followed by Bayhead and The China Connection (8)? which have difficulty ratings of 4.5 but none of these are difficult to find once you are at the cache location, they are just difficult to get to.

The really difficult caches are those placed by Frogeybeag – Cliff-top Confusion with a deserved difficulty rating of 4.5 and The Suspense is Killing Me… which has a rating of 3.5. The latter is almost in plain view but is a nightmare to spot and has more muggles per minute than any other cache I know!

Cliff-top Confusion really is a head-scratching puzzle that several of the people who have logged finds have not actually completed. Sadly Cliff-top Confusion has now been archived.

3 Responses to “Most Difficult”

  1. Frogeybeag says:

    Cliff-Top Confusion is now back in business! Just been down to get it into its new home after a small landslide over the winter!!

  2. Magareroo says:

    Just chatting fondly about Cliff-top confusion yesterday. To this day, my fave find due to the satisfaction of eventually figuring it out and the fab weather we had while we scrambled about in utter confusion for a couple of hours.

  3. Frogeybeag says:

    Fear not! I will be reconstructing the cache very shortly in exactly the same form with the same puzzle. It got wiped out by the weather over the winter and I didn’t get a chance to sort it out before it got archived.

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