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So who has found the most number of caches in the Western Isles?

Originally I thought it would be an almost impossible task to discover these statistics but with the help of Project Geocache it looks like it can be done and this is what I have come up with for the Top Ten finders in the Western Isles. Note this is not the total number of caches found by each cacher, it is the number of caches actual found in the Western Isles

FinderNo. of Finds
The Pudding Man109
Bob Pendlington60

last updated 22nd June 2015


Of course anyone who hides a number of caches (like me!) is at a disadvantage¬† since their own caches can’t strictly be counted as finds so maybe there should be a way of weighting the table to take this into account? The table below contains more detailed information and can be sorted by column. Click on the column heading to select and click again to sort. Clicking once more will sort in reverse order. The table is initially shown sorted alphabetically by Cacher.

CacherFinds - activeFinds - ArchivedTotal FindsCaches owned (active)Total
The Pudding Man10361098117
Bob Pendlington5916060

last updated 22nd June 2015

all data courtesy of Project Geocache


8 Responses to “Most Finds”

  1. Andrew Morgan says:

    Brilliant site. I’m only in Lewis a few times a year and I’m just back yesterday. Going to be a couple of months until I’m there next but 64 sounds like fighting talk, I think caching will take up the majority of the next visit ;-)

    Pocket queries will be a great addition. Would be great to organise an event also, depending on uptake even plant some caches for the event near a hostel for example and maybe some of us mainlanders would make a trip over especially for it?

    Many thanks for including my caches in the content. I didn’t expect One Doune to be the busiest at all, but it’s a special place for me and wanted to share it.


  2. les says:

    Thanks for the comments. I had thought about an event here later in the summer but it’s early days yet and the initial objective is to make people aware of the site. I have made a start by messaging everybody who has a cache here through but it’s going to be a long process. I can only send five messages before thinks I am a spammer and shuts me out for the day!

    Anybody reading this can help by spreading the word to their geocaching friends and asking them to do the same. Once things start rolling it should pick up steam.

    I’ll do a post about an event in a couple of weeks time to test the waters.

  3. Stephen Dee says:

    It is good to see that I am in the top ten of cache finders in The Western Isles. I really enjoyed my cycle tour and caching trip – so a really big thank you to all the COs in the Islands. I managed to bag all the caches in a few of the Islands, Berneray, N & S Uist, Benbecula, Eriskay, but sadly not all.

    In addition to the 57, I also bagged 4 of the trig point virtual caches as GC45CC, so I in all I actually got 61.

    It is hard to say which cache was the best, as there were so many that I loved for various reasons, but one highlight was bagging a FTF on The Point.

    Keep up the good work on promoting caching in the Western Isles.

    Thank you again

    Shepshed, Leics, England

  4. Les says:

    Thanks for your comment Stephen. Your FTF was one of mine and you should be even more pleased at finding it first since it has proved to be quite difficult with 3 DNF’s so far (even from very experienced cachers) and a few other DNF’s I know of that haven’t been recorded.

  5. Stephen Dee says:

    I am starting to think out my holiday plans for June – I feel a return trip to Lewis/Harris in number one urge, I feel the need to defend my top ten position! Since my visit last year, it is good to see two earth caches and a string of caches on North Harris.

    Also I am tempted to organise my first geocache event – Team-Triplet on Tour, to be held on Lewis, will contact off list with thoughts.

    Shepshed, Leics, England

  6. Magareeroo says:

    Just responding to the Team-Triplet comment about arranging an event. I’m not 100% sure what’s involved in an event, but one of the souveneirs for this summer’s road trip extravaganza is achieved by attending an event. As a souveneir collecter, this is one that would be difficult for me without arragements and know-how from more experienced cachers.
    I’d defo attend!

    • Les says:

      As I understand it an event can be anything from a drink at the pub to a full blown gala fun day. I attended the Skye Geoclan Gathering a couple of years ago which was simply a meet up and chat at the Sligachan Hotel. Some cachers found caches before/after, some placed caches and some just had a coffee and a chat, there were no formal activities. I think the minimum ‘organisation’ is to have a log book that everybody can sign to say they were there.

      I almost organised a similar event last year at An Lanntair but felt I ought to ask them before a couple of dozen (or maybe only 3!) people turned up on a Saturday lunchtime but, sadly, I could never get hold of the manager (the only one who could give the okay apparently) and time ran out so it never happened. My thoughts were to have a simple get-together somewhere where there was food and drink available at a time when the most people could attend. The Saturday of the August Bank Holiday weekend seemed sensible as it might have tempted folk to come over from the mainland for a long weekend and also catch those either going home or arriving on the lunch time ferry for their holidays. Lanntair seemed the sensible place but there may well be other venues, other times, other ideas. I’m not in the mood to organise stuff right now but would be glad to attend an event somebody else organised.

  7. Stephen Dee says:

    Sadly my trip has had to be put off – it might be September or next year now. If September it will be after the 15 Year Road Trip has ended.

Anything to add?

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