Most Found Caches

The cache with the greatest number of actual finds is Dee Dah with 303 finds to date

Moving up to second place is Castaway 2008 currently tied with 244 finds

Running a close third place is I Think I Can See Texas From Up Here  with others tied on finds

Here is the Top Ten

CacheNo. of finds
Dee Dah303
Castaway 2008244
I Think I Can See Texas From Here!242
Harris View242
Finsbay Or Is It The Moon?241
A Sunny Afternoon In Harris197
Do You Know You're Being Watched?180
Stornoway Town Trail #1166
Stornoway Town Trail #2163
Northern Light (Closer To The Edge)159

last updated 22nd June 2015


If you consider how often a cache is found then the honour also goes to Dee Dah which has been found on average every 5.97 days since it was placed on 2nd August 2010 – perhaps not surprising as it it is very close to one of the Callanish stone circles only a few hundred yards from the road

In second place in the how often table is Harris View with an average find every 6.7 days, again not surprising as it lies on the main road between Tarbert and Stornoway and is passed by virtually every traveller who come to the islands on the Uig-Tarbert ferry

In third place is Stornoway Town Trail No. 1 averaging a find every 6.83 days but then again it is the first cache to be found from the Ullapool to Stornoway ferry!


Anything to add?

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