Oldest Cache

The oldest cache in the Western Isles is, by a long margin, I Think I Can See Texas From Up Here which was placed on 5th December 2003. It is the only cache that is currently over 10 years old and, not surprisingly, it is near the top of the most found list – but not at the top lying currently in second place!

It was over four months – 122 days to be precise – before the FTF and 10 people found it before the next (still available) cache was placed in the Western Isles in March 2005.





3 Responses to “Oldest Cache”

  1. matthew says:

    I am very proud of this distinction. As the cache owner it is very cool to have this mention. I had no idea. I appreciate the cache community in the western isles for taking care of this illegal cache, placed while I was on vacation so many years ago. I am thrilled each time it is found. I recall the 2 week December adventure with great fondness. The warm hospitality, friendly people and great views continue to remind me of a wonderful experience. I hope to return soon and revisit the location. Thank you so much.
    Matthew (howl at the earth).

    • Les says:

      Good to see you are still caching after all these years! If you do come back to Lewis get in touch with your plans and maybe we can arrange an Event to celebrate the oldest WI cache and see how many people we can get together on a particular day to stand in that windy spot and see if they can spot Texas!

  2. matthew says:


    That would be awesome. My wife and I have a western isles trip in our future at some point for sure. We will make it a point to give you and heads up and would be proud to attend an event.


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