Pocket Queries

I was hoping to include some means of including ready made Pocket Queries on the site but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this, rightly so, I guess, since Pocket Queries are a Premium feature and should be kept exclusive.

I won’t explain what Pocket Queries are since most Premium members should know but one of the main things you can do with them is find all caches in a given area. Trouble is that it is not always easy to define an area without a lot of experimentation so here are a few co-ordinates for you to create specific searches. Simply create a new Pocket Query and insert the co-ordinates given in the From Origin section followed by the Radius. You can of course filter further by excluding certain types of caches or previous finds etc. Co-ordinates are given in Degrees and Minutes


All Caches on Lewis

N 58° 19.904′
W 006° 39.908′

Radius 24 miles


A Walk Round Stornoway

All of these are reachable on foot but will require a good stretch of the legs!

N 58° 12.390′
W 006° 23.179′

Radius 1.5 miles



All of the caches on both North and South Harris

N 57° 52.076′
W 006° 57.157′

Radius 12 miles


The Uists

N 57° 25.240′
W 007° 28.149′

Radius 25 miles



N 56° 55.707′
W 007° 32.375′

Radius 12 miles

Anything to add?

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