Quickest Finds

IONMHAS holds the record for the number of ‘quickest finds‘ having found Picnic By The Sea, Remember the Iolaire, A Secret Pier and Amazing Gress all on the day they were published.

Cankita found A Haunting Hideout and A Path to Nowhere on the day they were published.

The logs show that The Islands at the Edge of the World (St Kilda) was found on the same day as it was placed (it was actually published later) but this was placed as part of a caching event with several cachers present finding the cache that others placed which I don’t really think counts!

As far as I can tell only IONMHAS and Cankita have found caches belonging to others within a few hours of them being published.**

** On 24th March 2014 The Pudding Man joined the exclusive club finding Lest We Forget … Garrabost on the day it was published




This page will be updated every couple of months – last updated 18th March 2015


4 Responses to “Quickest Finds”

  1. Magareeroo says:

    Just a quick question on something I read above. Do you get notifications of new caches placed in the Wetern Isles? What format does this notification take?

  2. Les says:

    If you become a Premium Member of Geocaching.com then one of several extras you get is the ability to set notifications of various sorts including notification of all new caches in an area (or several areas) of your choice. That was one of the main reasons I became a Premium Member.

    Some people baulk at the idea of paying £25 a year for something you can get for free but there are lots of extras that free members don’t get and it really isn’t a lot of money for something that gives you ongoing enjoyment.

  3. Magareeroo says:

    You’ve convinced me. Just browsing the premium caches in the Western Isles. I’m on holiday in Orkney at the moment and collected 20 caches today. Nowhere near the challenge of the Lewis ones though as there’s hundreds of very samey ones by the roadside.

  4. GerryU2 says:

    I prefered the variety of caches on Lewis compared to Orkney. Hope I might fit a work trip in this year but doubt it.

    I’d also recommend premium membership.

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